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Alexandria Moyles

English and Special Education Teacher

Alexandria has been a full-time secondary school English and Special Education teacher since fall of 2012. After graduating with a Specialist in English Studies from the University of Toronto in 2010, Alexandria pursued her Masters of English at McMaster University, while lecturing and grading for first year Canadian Literature courses on campus. In 2011, she began her teaching program with York U in Toronto, working with students across grades 6-12 in courses including English, History, Music, and Social Sciences.

She was promoted to Department and Curricular Lead of Special Education and ESL in 2018, and continues to teach Grade 12 English online during the summer. She has facilitated workshops for students, including the JustAsk Project — an ongoing effort to increase student voice in schools. She has also developed multiple resources for staff on topics like Differentiation, Essentialism, Universal Design Learning, Restorative Mindset, Supporting Wellness, and the positive influence of 21st century technology — including eSports — on teaching and learning. Alexandria lives in Toronto, Ontario and enjoys walking her dog, Nala, in Sunnybrook Park. 

Anita De Oliveira

English, History, and Dramatic Arts

Anita De Oliveira has been in education for over 25 years and continues to enjoy the love of teaching in various forms. She began her career as an elementary teacher, moved to secondary schools and found a strong connection, working with teenagers in the subject areas of English, History, and Dramatic Arts. Anita was also given the opportunity to teach in other subject areas including: Law, History, Geography, Math and Special Education. All of these subject areas prepared Anita for the honour of training future teachers.

Anita worked as a Literacy Consultant, helping teachers improve the literacy skills of student. Anita also worked on supporting teachers as they received ministry documents such as the Growing Success model supported across Ontario. Soon after, Anita was offered the opportunity of working as a Vice Principal and has enjoyed that role as well.

Anita is always happy to be in a classroom with students whether physically in the same space or on a virtual platform.

Brian Donohue

Business Teacher

Brian Donohue is a veteran Ontario secondary school teacher with broad experience supporting student success in Business and English.  His most recent teaching experience teaching Accounting (BAF3M and BAT4M) and Economics (CIA4U) to students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Brian found helping his Malaysian and international students to achieve their academic goals was a deeply gratifying professional experience. His mission as a teacher is to help students to master and apply concepts in ways that provide a solid foundation for success in their future educational pursuits, their careers and provides a clearer understanding of the world around them.  

Charles (Chuck) Stone

English Teacher

Chuck Stone has taught a broad range of subjects since 1991. His education ranges from the Washington, D.C. area (Bachelor’s Degree) to Boston, Massachusetts (Master’s Degree), with his Teacher Education qualifications completed at D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York.  His Honours Specialist in Teaching English Language and Literature at the secondary level in Ontario was earned at Brock University.  Mr. Stone has done further studies in English and Special Education at the University of Waterloo and Queen’s University. To support the schools that he has taught at, he has done extensive photography and videography publicity efforts, which has since developed into a professional practice.  Mr. Stone and his wife enjoy breeding and showing Airedale Terriers, of which they have international champions.

David Gordon

Science Teacher

David Gordon taught Secondary Science (Grade 9 and 10 applied and enriched), Biology, Environmental Science and Co-operative Education for 30 years. As a Science educator, his pedagogical focus was on project-based inquiry learning, with an emphasis on collaborative teamwork, student led inquiry, and socially relevant content.

As the lead teacher of the Environment and Science SHSM program for ten years, he consistently attained a completion rate of 75-90%. Capital expenditures from this program allowed him to acquire over $40,000 of probeware for the Science department, which he used in his inquiry-based learning projects to make the “invisible visible” and to allow students to collect, analyze and understand detailed quantitative data.

As a Cooperative Education teacher, he led an expansion of partnerships into the Science and Not-For-Profit sectors, providing career learning opportunities for students at nurseries, pharmacies, veterinary offices, sustainability related NGOs and the University of Toronto Scarborough. He is an avid four-season urban bicycle commuter lives in a house with a green roof, and is co-owner of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve.

Gary Huang

High School Mathematics Teacher

Gary has been a Math and Science Teacher with TDSB since 2002. He started teaching IB Chemistry in 2006 and IB Mathematics in 2007. Gary has presented during PD events & IB roundtables to teachers on “Best Practices” and “Technology Integration”. Most recently, Gary has been involved in the implementation of the new IB DP Math Courses – Analysis and Approaches with different schools in Ontario.

Gary is very passionate about teaching. He focuses on understanding the needs of each individual students, and making the learning experience enjoyable for everyone.

Jennifer Verdone

Grade 9 and 10 High School English Teacher

Jennifer has been an English, Religion, and Social Sciences teacher with the Wellington Catholic District School board since 2013. Jennifer holds a BA in English and History from Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. She also received her teaching certification from Nipissing University. Jennifer believes that education should be creative, innovative and collaborative; learning is a life-long process. She specializes in online education and held the position of District eLearning Support teacher during 2019. She has presented to teachers and administration at Professional Development opportunities to provide helpful assessment practices in online education using rubric builder tools, gradebook and assignment creation within the D2L platform. Jennifer currently lives in Guelph, Ontario, where she enjoys traveling with her family, reading and gardening.

Jian Bin (Johnson) Li

Science Teacher

Mr. Li is a high school educator who is proficient in many fields of science! Mr. Li’s teaching style brings a lot of personality into the classroom, as he loves to bring in pop cultural references from both the East and West sides of the world into his lessons.

In the past, Mr. Li has attended both the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo for studies in math and physical sciences. He can assist students and guide them into these two target schools, as he understands what the applications look for and what extracurriculars students require.

Mr. Li’s current hobbies currently involve playing the guitar, programming software, and learning the Chinese mandarin language. He is always looking to try learning new things.

John Drew

ESL and High School English Teacher

Mr. John Drew is an experienced English educator in Ontario, Canada, and a Ph.D. candidate at Western University. He has extensive experience teaching OSSD high school English to Chinese students and is an expert at teacher-student communication. He is familiar with Chinese students’ cultural background and has a unique understanding of how to inspire international students in a class environment and adjust their learning habits to fit the requirements of the Canadian curriculum.

Julie Gallagher

English and Dramatic Arts Teacher

Julie Gallagher is a 32-year veteran of teaching and has taught English and Dramatic Arts at the Intermediate and Senior levels of high school. She believes that education should be collaborative, responsive, and inclusive. It is her mission to help students develop their communication, critical and creative thinking skills in order to be successful in college, university, and the workplace. Ms. Gallagher holds a B.A. in English and Cultural Studies from Trent University and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto Faculty of Education. Ms. Gallagher has directed and produced drama and coached boys’ and girls’ athletics. Ms. Gallagher lives in Toronto and enjoys music and the arts: gardening, yoga and reading.

Kathleen Riley

Mathematics and Science Teacher

Kathleen is a young and enthusiastic teacher who has taught Mathematics and Science at the high school level and tutored students ranging from the elementary level to the university level. Kathleen believes education needs to be collaborative, engaging, and relevant in order to provide students with the skills they need for college and career. Kathleen holds a BSc in Biology and a BEd from York University, holding Intermediate and Senior qualifications for teaching Mathematics, General Science, and Senior Biology. Kathleen has moved her passion for teaching online and is excited by the opportunity to reach, connect with, and educate students outside of her city to make their dreams reality.

Matthew Dermer

Chemistry, General Science, Mathematics

Matthew Dermer has been a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Chemistry teacher at Riverdale Collegiate Institute since 2004. In 2015, he joined the TDSB’s e-Learning Program, teaching Grade 12 Data Management, Grade 12 Chemistry, and Grade 11 and 12 University/College Preparation Science online.  For all of Mr. Dermer classes, he continuously creates supplementary resources to better meet the learning needs of his students. Since TDSB online courses lack textbooks, he has produced and sourced online materials to give students a way to supplement their understanding of course content. Practice problem sets using online lab simulators (such as those from ExploreLearning or PhET), and engaging students in online classroom discussions via Padlet, are some examples of the tools he employs to deepen student understanding.  At Riverdale Collegiate, Mr. Dermer incorporates blended learning and flipped classroom strategies in order to extend student learning beyond regular ‘face-to-face’ classes. As with his online courses, he has generated instructional YouTube videos for students to watch either in class or at home to supplement his lessons. Creating these systems has allowed him to better meet the needs of a broader range of student learning styles.

Paul Cleaver

ESL and English Teacher

Paul Cleaver has been travelling and teaching around the world since 1994. Two months after finishing teacher’s college he was on a plane to Japan where he taught ESL for 1.5 years. He then had the opportunity to teach the Ontario curriculum for Senior level English Literature and World Issues Geography in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also continued to teach ESL classes with a particular focus on the writing process. He then returned to Japan to take part in a joint venture with Disney, as a teacher trainer.

After completing his Master’s, he taught a variety of Business-related subjects, including Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Law, and Economics. It was during this time that he also wrote two books based upon his teaching and personal experiences: 50 Things the New ESL Teacher Should Know, and Will You Read to Me Tonight, Dad? He is now happily residing back in Canada and enjoying this latest stage in his teaching career.

Tara Stewart

Science Teacher

Tara Stewart has been a pre-IB Science and math, and senior IB Biology teacher since 2004. In 2015, she became one of the first teachers in Ontario to complete the Teaching and Learning through E-Learning additional qualification course through Queen’s University. This enhanced her teaching and passion for learning, and she began teaching with a blended learning format as well as fully online courses. Her experience and passion for online learning led her to develop digital online courses for the government of Ontario’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC).

Vanessa Herceg

Business and Math Teacher

Vanessa Herceg has 15 years of experience in education, teaching business and math courses at the secondary school level in Ontario, Canada. During that time, she also co-wrote an English literacy workbook and trained many instructional staff members in her school board on how to use and integrate technology in the classroom. Vanessa was selected to be featured in a Ministry-created video to demonstrate teaching strategies she used to improve math scores over a 5-year span. Vanessa graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, with a degree in Information and Technology Management (2003). She earned a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at University of Toronto (2004). Vanessa is thrilled to be working with NOIC Academy and sharing her passion for technology-integrated education with students around the country.

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