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Charles (Chuck) Stone

English Teacher

Chuck Stone has taught a broad range of subjects since 1991. His education ranges from the Washington, D.C. area (Bachelor’s Degree) to Boston, Massachusetts (Master’s Degree), with his Teacher Education qualifications completed at D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York.  His Honours Specialist in Teaching English Language and Literature at the secondary level in Ontario was earned at Brock University.  Mr. Stone has done further studies in English and Special Education at the University of Waterloo and Queen’s University. To support the schools that he has taught at, he has done extensive photography and videography publicity efforts, which has since developed into a professional practice.  Mr. Stone and his wife enjoy breeding and showing Airedale Terriers, of which they have international champions.

Crystal Brown

Crystal is a long-term educator with over 20 years of experience in teaching in secondary and post-secondary educational spaces. She truly believes in a student-centred approach to education, providing skills needed for students to achieve their learning goals and overall educational success. She is a patient and engaging instructor, who focuses on universal design for learning and incorporating accessibility requirements. She has experience teaching learners in English as a Second Language, French, Spanish, Business and English. She has a Master’s degree in Multilingualism and Multiliteracy, a Teaching English as a Second Language specialization and a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

David Gordon

Science Teacher

David Gordon taught Secondary Science (Grade 9 and 10 applied and enriched), Biology, Environmental Science and Co-operative Education for 30 years. As a Science educator, his pedagogical focus was on project-based inquiry learning, with an emphasis on collaborative teamwork, student led inquiry, and socially relevant content.

As the lead teacher of the Environment and Science SHSM program for ten years, he consistently attained a completion rate of 75-90%. Capital expenditures from this program allowed him to acquire over $40,000 of probeware for the Science department, which he used in his inquiry-based learning projects to make the “invisible visible” and to allow students to collect, analyze and understand detailed quantitative data.

As a Cooperative Education teacher, he led an expansion of partnerships into the Science and Not-For-Profit sectors, providing career learning opportunities for students at nurseries, pharmacies, veterinary offices, sustainability related NGOs and the University of Toronto Scarborough. He is an avid four-season urban bicycle commuter lives in a house with a green roof, and is co-owner of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve.

Gary Huang

High School Mathematics Teacher

Gary has been a Math and Science Teacher with TDSB since 2002. He started teaching IB Chemistry in 2006 and IB Mathematics in 2007. Gary has presented during PD events & IB roundtables to teachers on “Best Practices” and “Technology Integration”. Most recently, Gary has been involved in the implementation of the new IB DP Math Courses – Analysis and Approaches with different schools in Ontario.

Gary is very passionate about teaching. He focuses on understanding the needs of each individual students, and making the learning experience enjoyable for everyone.

Isabella LaMantia

Isabella LaMantia is an English and Social Sciences Teacher with a specialized interest in psychology and the English classics. Isabella has experience teaching English at all grade levels ranging from Grade 9 to Grade 12 incorporating the English classics along with culturally relevant pedagogy. Isabella graduated with Honours from McMaster University in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and English and Cultural Studies and continued to get her BPS and teaching certification from Niagara University. Isabella has been a secondary school tutor both online and in person in Toronto, the GTA and Hamilton. Isabella has a passion for education and helping students reach their full potential. Isabella enjoys utilizing educational technologies to further students learning and recognizes the importance of mental health and mindfulness as part of the student learning experience. Besides teaching Isabella has studied piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, loves to read and play tennis.

Jian Bin (Johnson) Li

Science Teacher

Mr. Li is a high school educator who is proficient in many fields of science! Mr. Li’s teaching style brings a lot of personality into the classroom, as he loves to bring in pop cultural references from both the East and West sides of the world into his lessons.

In the past, Mr. Li has attended both the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo for studies in math and physical sciences. He can assist students and guide them into these two target schools, as he understands what the applications look for and what extracurriculars students require.

Mr. Li’s current hobbies currently involve playing the guitar, programming software, and learning the Chinese mandarin language. He is always looking to try learning new things.

Julie Gallagher

English and Dramatic Arts Teacher

Julie Gallagher is a 32-year veteran of teaching and has taught English and Dramatic Arts at the Intermediate and Senior levels of high school. She believes that education should be collaborative, responsive, and inclusive. It is her mission to help students develop their communication, critical and creative thinking skills in order to be successful in college, university, and the workplace. Ms. Gallagher holds a B.A. in English and Cultural Studies from Trent University and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto Faculty of Education. Ms. Gallagher has directed and produced drama and coached boys’ and girls’ athletics. Ms. Gallagher lives in Toronto and enjoys music and the arts: gardening, yoga and reading.

Kaitlyn Howie

Kaitlyn Howie is an Ontario certified teacher with teachables in History and English. She has been teaching within Gifted and Twice Exceptional programs that challenge learners through rigorous and creative academics since 2017. With her love of English literature at the core of her teaching, she hopes to offer students a way to connect their learning personally, collectively and globally. She enjoys challenging her students to acquire the tools necessary for exceptional reading, writing and speaking. Her classes focus strongly on student mental health and resilience, and she has accomplished several training certifications in trauma informed instruction. She is also a certified yoga teacher, often bringing movement into the learning space. Kaitlyn believes that education should empower all students to pursue their passions and become lifelong learners. She currently lives in the Ottawa area where she enjoys reading, painting, baking and hiking.

Maja Beg

Ms. Beg has been teaching Chemistry, Biology and Grade 9 and 10 Science and Mathematics for the past 16 years. She has spent the past 3 years teaching IB Biology in Mississauga, and has enjoyed the challenge and the philosophy of the IB Diploma program. She is involved in many co-curricular clubs run by IB students who are earning CAS hours, and has worked with many IB students as their Extended Essay supervisor. Ms. Beg received her teaching degree from the Ontario Technology University and has been integrating technology and online resources in her classroom for many years. She enjoys the online environment and believes that communication, collaboration and creativity are the best skills for learning and for future success.

Mike Coyle

Mike Coyle has been a Senior English teacher with the TCDSB since 2005.  Over the last five years, Mike Coyle has worked intensely with the Special Education program focusing on a spectrum of different learning styles and instructional approaches. He has presented during PD events and workshops to teachers on “Differentiated Learning and Assessment” . Moreover, he has taught students abroad both in South Korea and China online and in person . Over his teaching career, Mike Coyle has been heavily involved in student extra-curricular activities, in particular, moderating the student government, editor of the school newspaper, and leading various student outreach programs aimed to help the less fortunate in the community.  As well,  in the past few years he has been heavily involved in the Safe School program and has assembled a student team to share the concerns and be the voice for their fellow students and work to make the necessary improvements. Furthermore, Mike Coyle has been a member of the Project Next team which focuses on preparing students with the requisite 21st century skills. Most recently, Mike Coyle has worked in tandem with Guidance and Special Education developing meaningful approaches to student learning with a focus on improving student engagement during the learning process.

Paul Cleaver

ESL and English Teacher

Paul Cleaver has been travelling and teaching around the world since 1994. Two months after finishing teacher’s college he was on a plane to Japan where he taught ESL for 1.5 years. He then had the opportunity to teach the Ontario curriculum for Senior level English Literature and World Issues Geography in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also continued to teach ESL classes with a particular focus on the writing process. He then returned to Japan to take part in a joint venture with Disney, as a teacher trainer.

After completing his Master’s, he taught a variety of Business-related subjects, including Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Law, and Economics. It was during this time that he also wrote two books based upon his teaching and personal experiences: 50 Things the New ESL Teacher Should Know, and Will You Read to Me Tonight, Dad? He is now happily residing back in Canada and enjoying this latest stage in his teaching career.

Rodney Mandau

Mr. Mandau has been a high school mathematics and computer science teacher at Laura Secord Secondary School in St. Catharines with the District School Board of Niagara since 1998. He is the Mathematics Department Head/Numeracy Lead at his school. He has presented at both PD and OAME Golden Horseshoe events on several topics including “Grade 11M Math – a course misunderstood” and “Patterns to Algebra”. He has been part of school board curriculum writing teams for MCV4U, MCF3M and MPM1D.

He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and Queens University Joint Concurrent Education program, where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, Education, and a minor in Computer Science. He holds an Honours Specialist in Mathematics from OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

In past few years he has developed his skills as an online teacher, utilizing OneNote, DESMOS and Geogebra to enhance the online experience.

He loves to travel and in 2010 had the amazing opportunity of spending a year on a teaching exchange at a high school in New South Wales, Australia.

Trisha Pavkeje

Trisha Pavkeje has been teaching Economics, Sociology, and General Social Sciences for the past 6 years. She believes that education needs to be holistic, and that students are best able to achieve academically when their social and emotional needs are met. She practices inquiry-based teaching approaches and believes that students possess all of the keys to their own success. Trisha has a BA in Psychology and Hispanic Language from Western University and a Bachelor of Education from Niagara University in Ontario. She has taught a variety of subjects and grade levels, but has focused on teaching high school Economics and Sociology for the last 3 years, while teaching in China. She has qualifications to teach IB and IGCSE Economics, as well as qualifications to teach English Language Learners, and enjoys the passion she sees in students who are learning in their second language. Trisha currently lives in Exeter, Ontario where she enjoys reading, running, and knitting.

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We will send you the OPEN HOUSE zoom meeting link 3 days before June 11th, together with the access code. We look forward to seeing you soon!