Online OSSD Credit Courses with Virtual Face to Face Lessons and Tutor Services as Part of Each Course.

By NOIC Academy, owned and operated by Royal Prime Education Group.

Official OSSD Credits

All courses are developed and delivered based on Ontario Ministry of Education’s requirements

Certified Teachers

All teachers are certified credit course teachers with abundant experience with high school education

Online Live Lessons

Real-time online lessons combined with asynchronous online contents will help you achieve academic success in the online courses


What is NOIC Academy Online?

NOIC Academy, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a full-time, high end private boarding secondary school. It has been offering the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) courses to students since 2004 (school code 667013). NOIC Academy is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.


NOIC Academy Online, a new online credit course education service by the school, provides OSSD credit courses to students in China. By delivering high-quality OSSD courses to overseas students, the school aims at assisting students in adjusting to global education standard and achieving academic success.


What to expect

Online Contents

You can access the asynchronous course learning materials whenever you want, wherever you need (as long as you have a laptop and internet).

Real-time Lessons

Our credit course teachers will have regular online real-time lessons with you, twice a week, on the weekends.

2-month Course

Learning at the same pace as everyone else in the course, you are expected to complete a course in 2 months.

Bilingual Student Service

Lost on the website or forgot when the real-time lesson is? Our bilingual student service staff is always ready to answer your questions and help you through the courses.


About E-Learning

E-Learning is an option that allows students to complete credit courses in an online environment. Students interact with teachers and classmates using a variety of web-based tools to complete assignments, participate in group discussions, submit material and assessments, and receive feedback from the teacher. e-Learning courses offer many benefits to students including the development of digital literacy skills and the ability to learn in a flexible and engaging environment.



Problem Solvers


Self-Directed & Self-Motivated

Able to Multitask

Effective Communicators

Computer Literate

Critical Learners



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