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3660 Midland Ave., Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario, M1V 0B8

3660 Midland Ave., Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario, M1V0B8


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get an OSSD credit after completing NOIC Academy’s course?

A: Yes, NOIC Academy’s online credit courses are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and fully accredited. Credits earned at NOIC Academy’s online school are equivalent to credit earned at other OSSD schools, both online and offline. 

Q: Are NOIC Academy’s online courses synchronous or asynchronous?

A: NOIC Academy adopts a hybrid design of online education. While most learning materials and homework can be accessed in an asynchronous environment, NOIC’s certified teachers will have weekly, regular synchronous online face-to-face lessons to take students through the whole process of a course. 

Q: Where and when can I see my class schedule?

A: Please register your information on NOIC Academy’s website and our student service will take you to the next step. A class schedule will be provided to students after successful admission. 

Q: Do you provide free trial of the courses?

A: A student successfully enrolled in NOIC Academy’s online course(s) can receive full refund if s/he decides to withdraw from the course(s) within the first week of the course(s). 

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